Full Tun Farm

Jalapeno Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread.  If you are wondering if it is delicious…it is.  We had quite a large haul of peppers and zucchini’s this week so we thought we would make something a little sweet.  Randy, my sister and I thought it was tasty… we dropped a few loaves off on friends doorsteps…hopefully they will agree.

Today’s color is RED!  The Garden of Weedin has some sweet and spicy treats popping up. The berries are yummy however, the peppers are extra hot this year, your hands burn after touching them, so we have been a bit hesitant to add them to any of our food.  Today one of the jalapenos came in handy as a natural way to deter one of our dogs from chewing on the gate.  We broke open a pepper and rubbed it on the wood.  He hasn’t touched it yet!